Chrome wheel skins to cover your plain alloy wheel
or your plain or rusted styled steel wheel.

Always free shipping in the Continental U.S. sells new chrome wheel skins. Wheel skins are a chrome hubcap that go over a specific wheel. These are usually a styled steel wheel or a dull finish alloy wheel. The wheel skin goes over the wheel and makes the plain rim look like a chrome polished wheel. These are a great option for old rusted wheels, or a low cost way to get that chrome wheel look. We try to picture all of the available wheel skins but if you do not see your model please call us at
or email us at

Wheel skins have become very popular the last few years. Many of the factory OEM chrome wheels you see now days are a wheel skin instead of an actual chrome wheel. Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Chevy, GM, Dodge, and Toyota are all using wheel skins to dress up the car at a lower cost.
With the largest wheel skin inventory we will almost always have your wheel skin available to be immediately shipped to your door.

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Chevrolet Hyundai Nissan
Chrysler Isuzu Subaru
Dodge Jeep Suzuki
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